Aerodrome Technical Information

IMPORTANT NOTE. Following recent misidentification by visiting pilots confusing Warton Aerodrome with Blackpool Airport, the following information notice has been produced to help prevent a further incident.

All pilots are reminded to exercise caution as misidentification is common and ensure you have both Aerodromes in sight before requesting a visual approach, checking DME range against visual reference when established on final approach.

Click this link to view the video showing the main differences between Blackpool Airport and BAE Warton.

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No aircraft de-icing facilities are available at Blackpool Airport


Aerodrome Name: Blackpool Airport
Aerodrome Location: 2.6nm SSE of Blackpool
ICAO Designator: EGNH
Aerodrome ARP: 53°46’18” N 003°01’43” W Midpoint of RW10/28
Radio: 119.955 MHz. Call sign – “Blackpool Tower and Approach”
Fire Category: · From 0700-2100 RFF Category 4 available Monday to Sunday (Category 5 on remission)

RFF Category 5 accepted under Remission.
RFF Category 5 and above on request subject to surcharge and availability, see Fees & Charges.
Prior Permission Required: PPR Required
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 21:00 Local time
Out of Hours Agreements mandatory in advance of use, for all aircraft wishing to operate outside of published opening hours.
Aerodrome Elevation: +34ft


Runway 10 (Asphalt)
TORA 1869m
TODA 2170m
ASDA 1869m
LDA 1869m
Threshold Elevation 32ft
Runway 28 (Asphalt)
TORA 1869m
TODA 2129m
ASDA 1869m
LDA 1869m
Threshold Elevation 28ft
Runway Width: 46m
Runway Category: Instrument – Code 4
PCN: 33/F/A/W/T
Aerodrome / Runway Lighting:

Runway 10
· Approach Lighting
· Threshold Lighting
· Runway Edge Lighting
· Runway end

Runway 28
· Approach Lighting
· Threshold Lighting
· Runway Edge Lighting
· Runway stop end: Red, yellow caution zone lights

Runway 13/31
· Unlit – not available for night use.

Taxiway edge and centre-line lighting
· Blue edge lighting on Taxiway Alpha via the main apron to B3 and Taxiway Echo south of Taxiway Charlie. Green centre-line lighting on Taxiway Echo north of Taxiway Charlie.

landing lights

Weather Information

Blackpool ATC is equipped with an automated system that supplies the surface wind, outside air temperature, dew point and pressure data. The cloud, visibility and current weather are observed by qualified met observers from the tower. This information is used to compile the METARs which are compiled half hourly at 20 mins and 50 mins past each hour. Information is available via the Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS).

TAFs are issued every 3 hours from the Met Office in Exeter.


The ATIS operates on frequency 127.205 MHz. During ATC hours the information is verified and the Runway in Use is included in the broadcast together with a code letter. Pilots should obtain the latest information before contacting ATC.

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