Airport Vision

Blackpool Airport aims to deliver an airport experience that exceeds our customers’ expectations

We strive for excellence whilst engaging with our stakeholders in an open, trusting and respectful manner.

Service Standards

  • Safety of customer aircraft and staff
  • Consistent standard of service tailored to the customers needs
  • Highest standard of regularity in our performance i.e., efficiency, pricing, and response time
  • Deliver our service professionally and with Confidence
  • Provide welcome and friendly atmosphere
  • Ability to measure customer feedback and react on results in a timely manner
  • Be prepared for disruption / inconvenience

Core Values 

  • Convenience, reliability, value for money
  • Quality services – supporting customers throughout the year

Management & Business Goals 

  • To offer a service to our customers which ensures their aircraft safety and satisfies their needs specific to their requirements
  • To provide security of employment to staff and ensure a safe working environment at all times
  • To continue to develop the business through growth opportunities
  • Increased efficiency
  • Recognise and react promptly and positively to industry changes
  • To produce a profit which offers an acceptable return whilst monitoring overheads to ensure we remain on or below budget
  • Know our goals and objectives – outline performance against agreed targets
  • Meet planned timescales
  • Work together as a team
  • Measure our success – maintain and improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Communicate our goals / objectives
  • Training – adequate resource
  • Honesty / open culture
  • Ensure we adhere to all aviation regulations
  • Meet our customer needs