Aviation Services

Basing Your Aircraft

Whether you are looking for short term parking or a long term base for your aircraft, Blackpool Airport has the ability to offer you the widest and most comprehensive range of solutions in the North West of England.

single prop small aircraft

With an FBO on our door and a wide range of hangars, operators have a range of choices available to them. Equally if you are interested in building your own hangar, then Blackpool Airport might be your best option with sufficient space to support such requests, Blackpool is seen as the first choice for many.

Blackpool Airport has no slot coordinated constraints like others in the region, and it is also a Port of Entry, making it a very effective base of operations for both aircraft operators and owners.

Please call us on +44 (0) 1253 343434 or email info@blackpoolairport.com for more information and assistance.

Aircraft Storage & Recycling Solutions

Blackpool Airport is a regulated Airport, with enough hard standing for parking a range of aircraft including wide bodied, narrow bodied as well as regional sized aircraft.

Competitive parking fees are available for all aircraft types starting from £75 per day for a regional aircraft, and we can scale a deal based on volume so pricing the airport considerably lower than airports with scheduled operations, saving substantial costs over extended parking periods to the lessors/owners.

Whether a Lease Company, Aircraft Operator or Maintenance Repair Organisation (MRO), Blackpool Airport is readily able to service your short, mid or long-term parking requirements now. The airport’s infrastructure can receive and accommodate all aircraft types covering the following services;

  • Supporting lease redeliveries
  • Aircraft in transition between operations
  • Periods when aircraft have no further operational future
  • Parking for all stages, returns to lessors, or aircraft about to be sold type scenarios
  • Secure and economic parking for a range of types on hard-stand areas all times

There is also opportunity to rent the necessary engineering facilities to allow the MRO’s commissioned to support any aircraft being parked and stored recognising they will need to undertake weekly, bi-weekly and monthly functional checks as well as engine runs, APU running, and possible preservation of engines as necessary if they are placed into storage condition.

The airport also has sufficient infrastructure to support office space, parts, consumables storage and heavy equipment holding along with restricted area(s) for parts quarantine should this be necessary.

Managed Hangar Aircraft Parking

Blackpool Airport has extensive hangarage capability available at competitive rates

Twin prop small aircraft

Hangarage is available for based aircraft as well as on an opportunity basis for visiting aircraft – whether for short or long term hangarage. All are subject to availability at the time of enquiry.

Blackpool Airport benefits include; significantly lower parking fees than its competitors / Reduced landing fees, easy motorway access / Direct train to London and Manchester, along with Seven (7) day opening, full RFFS is standard and extension availability for late arrivals and departures is available.

Blackpool is an ideal base for private and business use aircraft. Airport Runway Slot coordination is not required, and the prevailing runway is a short taxi from the Apron and hangars.