General Aviation

With its friendly, and personal approach to everything aviation, Blackpool's facilities are tailored to today’s General Aviation needs, with tarmac runways, lighting, fuelling and full air traffic control services.

As one of the oldest established airports in the UK Blackpool Airport has served flying interests since the early days and has a unique character of its own, with significant history as its cornerstone for offering stoic support of the flying community in both good times and bad, Blackpool Airport has seen it all in air travel.

Blackpool Airport welcomes all General Aviation traffic during our operational hours 0700-2100 (AIP) Blackpool Airport is PPR to all flights, whether the aircraft is visiting or based at Blackpool; it is the responsibility of the Pilot in Command to obtain PPR, please do not rely on any third party to do this for you. Air Traffic Control can be contacted on 01253 472527.


PLEASE REMEMBER when exiting the aircraft HI-VIS MUST BE WORN AIRSIDE – this means that anyone on the tarmac MUST be escorted by someone in a hi-vis jacket at ALL TIMES. This is for the safety of everyone.

Aircraft Parking

We have parking for GA on the Apron and flight briefing facilities (marked with yellow C) to the North of this area as shown in the map below. Payment can be made in the refuelling office or security VSP (vehicle search point) next to the flight briefing room.

airfield map

General Aviation Services

Qualifying Cross Country Flights

Blackpool welcomes student pilots on their Qualifying Cross Country flights but please assist us to assist you by noting the following before setting off on this trip.

Notify ATC that this will be a QXC flight when booking for PPR

Advise us of Actual Airfield of departure prior to arriving at Blackpool (if not your based airfield)

Advise us of Actual airfield of intended destination after leaving Blackpool (if not your based airfield)

When you pay your landing fee advise the person taking this that you are a QXC flight and present them with your Form. You may have to visit ATC (we can arrange transport) for the ATCO to sign your form or it may be possible for the administrative staff to telephone ATC to confirm that they can sign the form on our behalf if applicable.