Safeguarding The Aerodrome

The term Aerodrome Safeguarding is the term used to ensure that any development on the airfield, close to, or within Blackpool Airport airspace does not impact on the operational safety of, or inhibit the airports capability to accept air traffic safely. It is the responsibility of local Councils to consult with the Airport regarding any planning applications in the area

All safeguarding enquiries should be sent to

Pre-application Charges

Blackpool Airport welcomes pre-planning application discussions on wind farm, photovoltaic / solar array and any other developments or issues that might have an impact on aerodrome safety / operations.

Examples of such items are not exhaustive but could include lighting, creation of potential bird hazards, cranes / tall equipment and other construction issues within the vicinity of or the safeguarded areas for the aerodrome.

In order that the airport authority can provide a service to a consistent and high standard, a charge is levied. This charge will also apply to small individual domestic wind turbines with a hub height of less than 15 metres or domestic roof mounted Photovoltaic panels.

All advice given is provided in good faith based on the information offered by the developers.

Advice is given without prejudice to the statutory function of Blackpool Airport in relation to the submission of a planning application.

Pre-application wind turbine initial safeguarding assessmentcharged at £2.50/kW (ex VAT) or £2,500/mW
Safeguarding assessment of photovoltaic / solar array£300.00
Safeguarding assessment of any other development / site£300.00
Further advice to include meetings£1000.00
Further meetings£600.00

Crane Permits

All crane activity in the vicinity of the airport to a 3 mile radius must obtain permission to operate. Applications should be submitted at least 14 days prior to the requested operation date

To make an application for a crane permit please click here

Crane Permit Charges

£200.00 per submission
£300.00 for short notice (less than 48 hours – subject to availability) [not currently available]
£350.00 for issue of notice of non-compliance and permit issue (within 30 days – permit subject to availability)
£500.00 for issue of notice of non-compliance and permit issue (within 48 hours – permit subject to availability) [not currently available]
£75.00 for permit extension

Drones Permits

7 days notice is required for drone applications. For further details regarding the above applications please click here.

To make an application (provided you are a CAA registered operator) please click here.

At present drone permits are issued free of charge.